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Amazon UK Contact 0843 455 0130

Amazon is now the greatest online shopping platform worldwide. It is the retailer with the greatest influence in Britain. It has become the benchmark by which all retailers countrywide develop their businesses; to match up to Amazon. The concern has spread to the retailers who have products such as fashion and food that are not offered by Amazon. They are scared of what will become of them when it begins to sell these items.

Amazon Prime

Amazon UK Contact

Amazon UK Contact

You can get many products here, including e-books (there are 800,000 of them) films, TV shows, music and groceries, which you can pay for at a fixed monthly fee. Amazon Prime was introduced in 2007. It is a yearly membership, from which you can access unlimited films, e-books and movies at a fixed price each month. The films and movies can be bought or rented. If you want to subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can call the Amazon UK customer care number on 0843 455 0130.

For an annual fee of £79, you can access to such services as 60-minute delivery and unlimited access to music. The annual price rose in 2014, February. It was previously set at £49.

Amazon Prime Products

    • 24 hour unlimited delivery on UK orders
    • Access to 15,000 movies and TV shows from the Instant Video section (previously LoveFilm)
    • Unlimited music access
    • Unlimited photo backup on the Cloud Drive and an extra 5GB cloud storage space for other files.
    • 800,000 free e-books
    • Free borrowing of more than 500,000 titles each month using a Kindle device
    • Accessing lightning deals such as prime day half an hour earlier

Amazon Offers the Following Additional Services

  • Dash button- Helps replenish your points
  • Free sample delivery- This can be a 2 or 24-hour delivery
  • Sharing of membership- You can share your benefits with people within your household
  • Exclusive brand access- You can access products from private brands through Amazon

Amazon UK for Business Persons

Using Amazon Fulfillment

To record your products, select Amazon Fulfillment and have them fulfilled. There are more instructions on how to do it. It is now possible to source supplies for packaging directly on Amazon, including stretch wrap, boxes, bubble wrap and polybags. You can send as little as one unit of stock. Get more details from Amazon Fulfillment.

Choose a carrier for transporting your stock to Fulfillment. You can also use the discounted transportation with trustworthy Carriers that know Amazon’s outbound and inbound logistics. Fulfilment will process the carriage and avail your stock in the market quicker than before. The prices will be highly competitive. Some products are restricted.

  • Amazon Stores All Your Stock
  • Your stock is scanned after being received by Amazon Fulfillment
  • The items are listed for storage.
  • There is a tracker for monitoring your stock.
  • Amazon Fulfillment is safe
  • FBA Makes Your Products More Competitive and Visible

Through FBA

you can compete for Buy Box and immediately be a Featured Merchant. You become a better seller. Your FBA goods can be sold on Prime and can mostly be delivered for free, giving you access to countless active and loyal customers. A recent study on Amazon (2014) showed that 85% of UK FBA Sellers have had more sales, and 53% have had an over 20% sales rise. You can sell more since customers can put your stock together with other fulfilled goods.

  • Amazon Collects Packs and Delivers Your Goods throughout Europe.
  • There is a web-to-warehouse, sorting and quick picking system.
  • Amazon follows customers’ shipping instructions.
  • Customers can track their orders

Delivery services are offered throughout the EU, even to customers who order through alternative sale channels, through Multi-channel Fulfillment. You can record any amount of stock and sell them throughout EU by allowing FBA to fulfil them in any European Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon Handles Returns and Offers You Services In Your Local Language

Amazon offers customer services in local languages throughout the EU. It also handles returns and refunds. This makes it easier to do business with people from France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Through the Furbishing Service by FBA, you can prepare the returned stock for resale.

When Can You Contact Amazon?

There are very many instances where you need to contact Amazon. You can use the contact number 0843 455 0130 if you have a query along the following lines.

Orders – to track, cancel or edit
Refunds and returns – returning or exchanging goods and printing labels for return mailing
Device support – for help, troubleshooting or device support
Manage Prime – cancelling or editing membership, or learning about Amazon Prime’s benefits
Payment Options – replacing credit cards, cancelling, editing or adding payment methods
Account settings – for compromised account security or inability to access your account

How to Contact Amazon

The number is not easily accessed on Amazon’s website but you can use the helpline number 0843 455 0130 if you do not have time to go through the long process. But if you do, you can contact them by skipping the sign in part to access Amazon’s contact page. Answer the questions, and then choose to communicate online, email or talk on the phone to support personnel. Alternatively, click directly on Amazon’s contact page. There are also two customer care numbers, but it takes long to be served through them during peak hours. if you do not have the time to keep holding, you can use the direct Amazon UK contact number 0843 455 0130, Amazon is possibly the biggest online retailer.

Amazon UK Customer Service.
1-9 The Grove.
SL1 1QP.
Tel: 0843 455 0130

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