Swalec Contact Number

Swalec Contact Number 0843 455 0097.

Swalec Contact Number

Who is Swalec? They and how can customers contact them?

SSE SWALEC as it is now known by many of their clients is a reputable and well-established gas and electricity supplier within and around the United Kingdom. This particular gas and electricity supplier supply their products and services in both a domestic and a business setting. There are a vast number of ways to contact the company depending on the reason why customers or prospective customers need to communicate with them. The first Swalec contact number to make a note of is the client service number, which is listed below. Click here to read about Swalec’s stocks and shares.

The customer service number, otherwise known as the SSE Swalec helpline number is as follows, 0843 455 0097, which will put customers through to speak directly to a customer service representative based at the Swalec Stadium in Cardiff.

SSE General enquiries.
For other general enquiries with regards to gas and electricity, the number to call is 0843 455 0097. Regarding the talk phone service, customers can call 0843 455 0097 this is the same number for Broadband service related enquiries. Calls made to the customer service phone number are open from Monday to Friday between 8 am, and 8 pm and on Saturday between 8 am and 2 pm. Lines are not open on Sunday or Bank Holidays. If you have an SSE account, you can login here.

Swalec phone number 0843 455 0097.

How to submit a meter reading.
To give a meter reading to SSE Swalec, customers can do so by calling 0843 455 0097. Calls made to this number are automated. Lines are open 24 hours a day and on 365 days of the year.

Emergency Swalec contact numbers.
Electricity-related questions, customers should call 0843 455 0097, and for gas emergencies, you can call 0800 111 999. For boiler breakdown and emergencies, the Swalec contact number to call is 0843 455 0097. Pay as you go gas and electricity emergencies, the relevant number is 0843 455 0097.

To make a payment.
If customers want to make a payment, they can either do so online or via the following contact number, which is 0843 455 0097. This line is open 24 hours a day and on every day of the year. Customers should have their credit card or debit card to hand when they call.

Switching to SSE SWALEC.
Prospective customers were thinking about making the switch to Swalec for their gas and electricity supply. Use the number 0843 455 0097, and with regards to changing their telephone package, the contact number is 0843 455 0097. For gas and electricity installation questions and queries, the contact number to note is 0843 455 0097. For their Broadband package, they should call 0843 455 0097.

SSE (Swalec) 0843 455 0097.

Moving house.
Clients who are moving home and either need to change their account details or close an account, you need to call 0843 455 0097 for gas and electricity, 0843 455 0097 if they are Pay As You Go customers and 0843 455 0097 if they are Talk and Broadband customers.

Additional Swalec numbers.
Swalec offers many priority services to there customers. These include the Careline, which customers can use to enquire about facilities for the elderly, disabled or sick. This Swalec contact number is 0843 455 0097. There is a textphone service for customers who have a hearing and speech difficulties and impairments. Theis number is 0843 455 0097, and clients can contact this number from 8 am Monday to Friday and between 8 am and 2 pm on Saturday.

Contact Information For Swalec & SSE.

Swalec0843 455 0097customerservice@swalec.co.uk
SSE0843 455 0097customerservice@southern-electric.co.uk
Scottish Hydro0843 455 0097customerservice@hydro.co.uk
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