Argos Contact Number 0843 455 0095

Amazing Things you Should Know About Argos

Argos Contact NumberArgos is among UK’s largest online retailers with the site receiving more than 800 million visits annually. The catalogue retailer has established more than 750 flagship stores across the country’s major cities. The Argos contact number is probable one of the most called numbers in the UK today.

Argos’ popularity is due to the broad array of products available in their stores including jewellery, electronics, and home furniture. Besides, the firm has friendly consultants, ready to discuss the credit options available to their customers.

Customers can also purchase goods for cash or use the store’s credit card. In April 2016, Sainsbury acquired the firm at the cost of £1.4 billion, which helped integrate some of the stores into the country’s supermarkets.

Argos Contact Number 0843 455 0095

Customers can ring the Argos contact number to place an order for catalogues to be emailed to their home. Or for support concerning a recent purchase. You can also get information about the process of returning purchased goods should a product fail to satisfy your needs. For example, you should ask a customer service representative about what constitutes a valid proof of purchase. If you have lost your receipt.

In the event you are not happy with Argos’ services or the conduct of one of their staff when you visit our stores. You should register a formal dissatisfaction report with the helpline number. You can cancel a purchase of any item you had requested from the shop through click-and-collect. Even if you have change your mind by reaching out to the firm’s communication and public relations representatives. Further, callers can request technical support on an online order should they become uncertain about the success of an order process. Technical assistance can also be sought when you wish to have the transaction cost settled using the telephone.

You can also ring for inquiries about the firm’s Product Care to enable you to safeguard your purchase from accidental damage. It could be clothing, children’s toy, or a piece of furniture. You should ensure to inquire about the company’s warranty scheme prices since it is more expensive to insure some electrical goods. Some callers may have questions about the process of applying for a card to enable them to obtain goods on credit. The firm is customer-centric and goes into great depths to ensure their customers obtain a nice shopping experience. More information about Argos on our online shops page.

Call Costs and When to Call

Customers calling the Argos 0843 455 0095 helpline are charged at 7p per min plus your providers charges. However, calling from a mobile phone will cost considerable more. Argos customer service can be reached seven days a week from 7am-10pm.

Argos Store Locator

For inquiries about stock availability in our store that is located close to you, fill out your postcode on our Online Store Locator to receive the physical address and phone number.

Argos Customer Service

Also, should you prefer to lodge a formal letter of dissatisfaction with the company, send your correspondence to us and we will be happy to hear from you and put in place measures to make you happy during your next shopping.

Argos Head Office

Argos Direct0843 455 0095Acton Gate, Stafford, ST18 9AR
Head Office0345 640 2020
489-499 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 2NW
Customer Service0843 455