RBS Phone Number

RBS Bank 0843 455 0056.

RBS Phone Number

As there are numerous different financial options available through the RBS, it only makes sense that an RBS phone number is always available for those who may have any questions in regards to services and other banking enquiries. RBS is an acronym for the Royal Bank of Scotland. Partnered with both NatWest and Ulster Bank. Together, this conglomerate provides banking and financial services to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

A Brief History.
RBS Bank can trace its roots back to the Acts of Union of 1707. In 1783, the first branch opened outside of Edinburgh. Similar movements took place with the help of political and financial means throughout the nineteenth century. However, this chain was not officially re-branded The Royal Bank of Scotland until 1985. Although having taken severe blows due to the financial crises of recent times, RBS Bank continues to operate many of its locations. No less than 308 branches are to be renamed Williams & Glyn sometime during 2015.

RBS Phone Number 0843 455 0056.

Common Services Offered.
One of the main reasons why you would use the RBS number is to inquire about the services provided. Indeed, RBS can give some bespoke options to their client base. Some of these include (but are not limited to):

  • Personal banking.
  • Savings and investing.
  • Loans.
  • Mortgages.
  • Financial protection and insurance packages.

There are also options for a personal banking account as well as a platform that is designed to accommodate the needs of a business. Corporate and international banking are both likewise offered by this firm. As international clients are welcome, RBS Bank has proven to be quite popular with those who may be living (or planning on moving) abroad.

Common Support Options.
There are numerous ways to speak with a representative should one have any questions. A customer service representative will be pleased to answer a milieu of queries. There are nonetheless a few other means available. Support is available with the help of other clients, and there is a handy forum that addresses some of the most common issues. A social media account via the Twitter platform is also a possibility. So, it is quite easy to find answers to some of the most basic banking issues.

RBS Address

36 St Andrew Square
United Kingdom
Tel: 0843 455 0056